Wrestlers for Christ pray before state tournament

February 28, 2011|By LYNDSEY EDWARDS | Prep Editor, Wichita West High School
Photo by Lyndsey Edwards

WICHITA, Kan. — The Class 5A and 6A state wrestling tournament was held on Friday and Saturday February 25-26. Many people came to see the wrestlers wrestle, but they saw something more than that.

As Friday morning started and the wrestlers were on the mat warming up an announcement was made.

“Come join us for a prayer,” said Coach Steven Talbott from West High.

Not knowing how many kids would participate many coaches gathered anyways.  As people began to kneel down, many wrestlers hurried across the arena to make sure they were able to join in. As the prayer came to an end at the state tournament over 200 wrestlers had joined in on the prayer.  Not only did the prayer
happen at the 5-6A tournament, but also at the 3-2-1A tournament too.

This group of people that are spreading the gospel through wrestling is called Wrestlers for Christ. This is a group many people haven’t heard of.  

Talbott from West High and Coach Vanderlindon from Central Burden are doing their best to expand the group. This group says a prayer before every tournament not only to help with winning, but to keep the gospel spirit alive in wrestling.

This group does more than prayers, they are holding a wrestling camp at the central Asbury Church in June. Any wrestler who would like to sign up for coaching may go to the Facebook page wrestlers for Christ.

Wrestling isn’t all about the winning, and the Wrestlers for Christ are letting everyone know just that.

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